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Press Release: Sonicu


Contact: Joe Mundell Sonicu

VP of Sales

(317) 586-4808

Clark Byrum

Biologics Modular President & CEO

(317) 456-9191

Sonicu and Biologics Modular alliance integrates regulatory compliance monitoring into stand-alone modular suites for healthcare and pharmacy sectors

GREENFIELD, Ind. – Sonicu, an industry leader in cloud-based wireless monitoring, is partnering with Biologics Modular to provide modular cleanroom and bio-manufacturing suites equipped with an internal regulatorycompliant monitoring, alarming and reporting system to the pharmaceutical, medical and life-science sectors.

Sonicu will provide room conditions monitoring, alarming, logging and reporting for ambient temperature, relative humidity and differential air pressure as well as medical-grade cold storage inside Biologics’ preconstructed units. Biological Modular architecture is based on an intermodal container platform designed to fit inside new or existing spaces or as a stand-alone unit. Biologics’ labs, cleanrooms and clinics can be easily transported by truck, ship or train anywhere in the world.

Paired with Sonicu wireless monitoring technology, the units will now provide stand-alone operational capability with a complete remote monitoring, alarming and compliance reporting platform that automates regulatory reporting and helps clients meet the requirements of the Joint Commission, CDC, AABB, AATB, CAP, HACCP, and FDA 21 CFR Part 11.

Monitoring, alarming and reporting in the units will operate independently of and require existing IT infrastructures.

“This gives us another product to service our clients,” said Biologic Modular President and CEO Clark Byrum. “System Security is a big issue, and Sonicu provides us with an independent monitoring system that stands apart from existing building management systems. This is a function of the pharmacy and medical sectors’ need for a bifurcated monitoring and alarming system.”

Building control systems and their networks of smart devices and sensors continue to be susceptible to the expanding threat of system hacks, data breaches and platform crashes, said Joe Mundell, Sonicu vice president of sales.

However, Sonicu’s cloud-based software platform, hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), maintains the U.S. government’s strict data integrity & security requirements, and data transmission options that include wireless and 4G LTE cellular require no hardwired retrofits to potentially vulnerable IT or building automation systems, Mundell said.

With the integration of Sonicu’s monitoring platform, Biologics Modular can now deliver a turnkey modular facility that meets the physical, security and compliance needs of healthcare, pharmacy and life-science.

About Sonicu:

Based in Greenfield, Ind., SONICU is a leader in automated temperature monitoring, with a full suite of complementary monitoring solutions. Utilizing a secure cloud platform and the latest wireless sensor technology, Sonicu protects critical assets, automates manual data logging and helps clients adhere to regulatory requirements

About Biologics Modular:

Headquartered in Brownsburg, Ind., Biologics Modular, LLC designs and manufactures modular facilities to serve as bio-manufacturing suites, self-contained bio-repositories, and analytical labs to health science service providers, educational facilities and pharmaceutical manufacturers.

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