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Rapid Modular Unit Construction

Biologics Modular, LLC designs and manufactures modular biorepositories, biomanufacturing suites, research clinics for health science service providers, educational facilities, and pharmaceutical manufacturers.​

The Biologics Modular Platform, based on intermodal containers, delivers:

  • Easily portable and expandable production facilities

  • Pre-constructed, validated CGMP modular facilities

  • Accelerated delivery timelines, mitigating risk by getting to market faster

  • Manufacturing versatility, achieved through scalable production facilities

  • Financing options

Biologics Modular

At Biologics Modular we design and manufacture cGMP modular clean room facilities that tailor to your company's specific needs. Our final product is based on the inter-modal container platform and designed to fit inside new or existing warehouse spaces. With our flexible, scalable, and transportable modular facilities, we can guarantee a minimized capital cost and shorter production timeline. 

All facilities can have controlled access by using a keypad to enter an anteroom. This is where personnel will gown prior to entering the controlled space. The facility will be cooled with a commercial grade HVAC system. To maintain a clean environment, the facilities will be equipped with a HEPA filtration system. The facilities can include waste disposal and disinfection systems. 

Secure access, unidirectional flow of personnel and materials, chemical resistant materials of construction, validation packages including IQ/OQ are just some of the highlights Biologics Modular has to offer for your cGMP Clean Room Facility.

Cleanroom MRC
Biologics Modular Processing Room
Pharmaceutical MRC Cleanroom

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