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Modular Wall Structures Vs. Intermodal Container Platforms

A modular wall system is a free-standing wall structure that is pre-constructed using interchangeable wall panels that come in different sizes. With a large variety of interchangeable wall systems, building a structure within an existing warehouse or workspace can be done to suit any application that requires a cleanroom. Modular Cleanroom structures create a quiet, clean and comfortable work space for appropriate personnel. Modular walls and structures have quickly become the most flexible and economical spaces to incorporate, with the ability to be multilevel and assembled/reassembled inside of your workspace. Pre-constructed modular cleanrooms can be set up efficiently and be operational in 8-12 weeks. Over the years, we have seen numerous applications that Modular Cleanroom structures have been used for.

The traditional intermodal container has added value to many industries whether it’s for self-storage or using one as a building structure. We have taken that idea at Biologics and applied it to the industries we serve, using one or multiple containers. This container platform is constructed using our own interlocking method that was created in house by our engineers that allows for multiple containers to be cut and connected seamlessly to suit the size needed for your cleanroom solution. This container platform provides a structure that is transportable, flexible and customizable. A container platform allows the customer to be able to have an operating facility in a short amount time and has the ability to be designed for it to sit outside of your warehouse.


There are Pros and Cons to both, modular wall systems and containerized platforms, when it comes to their suitability for applications. Here are some important criteria to consider when deciding which option is best: Size:

Containerized lab builds are limited to standardized shipping container sizes. Large lab build outs can be done using containers; however, this would require a superstructure of multiple interconnected containers. While this is a completely viable option, it negates the modularity and ease of transport of the container lab systems. Modular Wall systems offer much more flexibility in terms of size of your structure. 16”-24” panels can be locked together to create a variety of clean spaces, and there is no limit to how long you can make it.

Cleanroom Specs:

Although Modular Wall systems offer greater flexibility in buildout size, they often suffer in terms of their ability to achieve strict compliance with cleanliness standards, especially with larger spaces. Because of the modular construction, it is difficult to completely eliminate small gaps and edges. These gaps are difficult to fully clean and allow space for particulate and potential contaminants to accumulate, risking non-compliance. In a containerized system, we have the ability to build a clean space that is compliant with some of the strictest clean lab standards. It offers flexibility in the choice of lab design, allowing us to build with traditional clean room construction materials and techniques. Virtually any free-standing cleanroom structure and spec can be recreated inside the confines of the shipping container platform. Cost:

Containerized labs offer increased flexibility and transportability compared to traditional free-standing clean structures. That being said, often the laboratories being built within them are still being built using traditional clean room materials. The final cost will be similar to a traditional room build, but with the added benefit of increased versatility. Modular Wall systems are produced using modern assembly line procedures, allowing costs to be dramatically reduced. Prefabricated components provide quick installation which not only saves time, but reduces the cost of the labor and results in a faster time to begin operations within your facility.

When designing a new modular structure, our collaborative team works endlessly to find the best solution for your workflow. Thanks to modular design, you do not have to move your whole process to a new building while your business is growing. The ability to assemble and disassemble allows you to integrate a cleanroom structure wherever your business is headed. At Biologics we have integrated both a containerized platform and modular wall systems into our business, which allows us the customer to decide which system is best suited for their requirements. Contact us today through our website to find a solution for you.

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