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Biologics Modular New Look Website

New Look Website with New Product Updates for 2016

First of all, welcome to the new Biologics Modular website. The new look website is being launched in late November, 2016!

After looking through the site, you will see that Biologics Modular has expanded their product line to include Occupational Healthcare Clinics. The Clinics are a center for employees and their families to receive basic healthcare, screenings, immunizations, etc. The result is a better option for Occupational Healthcare provided by companies and municipalities.

Another positive item to be found in our New Look Website is CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) services.  Customers outside of the Life Sciences domain can now obtain this service. CFD is always part of our standard design procedure. It is used before we begin fabrication to ensure we have predicted the airflow in a room. However, CFD can now be obtained by anybody requiring it, not just our clients who are engaged in a clean facility project.

Feel free to view the short videos Velocity 1, Velocity 2 and Velocity 3.

In the first video named Velocity 1, you can see the incoming flow. This flow is captured by the elbow duct turning 90 degrees down into the HEPA filter and then on into the cleanroom. Looking at it from the side view, about 75% of the entire filter is being used. The result is the air packing up at the back of the duct. Consequently air is not flowing through the HEPA filter efficiently.

In the next video named Velocity 2, you can see the elbow duct position has been moved. This was done to try and improve the flow efficiency down into the HEPA filter. This would be a logical change that you would think should help direct the flow across the entire filter. The end result here is that the air flow still wants to pack up at the back of the filter leaving 25% of the HEPA unused.

In the final video named Velocity 3, you can see the elbow duct position has been retained. An internal cross shaped vane has been added within the elbow. Now we can see a much improved flow across the HEPA filter, utilizing 100% of the filter span with good laminar indication into the clean room. This is a very good solution to ensure filter efficiency and good flow within the clean room.

Modern websites need to be device responsive, consequently Our New Look Website has been created to be device responsive. Try it out on your ‘phone or tablet!

Most of all, feel free to post any relevant feedback about our New Look Website using the contact us page. Enjoy the site and thank you for visiting.

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