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Biologics Modular Completes Units for AB Biotechnologies

Biologics Modular is on the verge of completing its next modular unit. The unit, which is being built for AB Biotechnologies in Bloomington, Indiana, will be an aseptic vial-fill line. Biologics Modular's president & CEO, Clark Byrum, says the company is on track to completing the unit by its April 1st deadline. The goal for AB Biotech is to bring this unit online with the rest of their facility by the 3rd quarter of 2018. Byrum says that a modular unit is the best solution for AB Biotech's plans due to the speed and quality associated with modularity.

Byrum goes on to state that "the market is getting smaller" in reference to the size of products, facilities, and timelines. In order to keep up with the industry's trends, companies like AB Biotech are looking to modular units that can be constructed in parallel to the rest of their facility. By building facilities in parallel, Biologics Modular greatly reduces construction costs while simultaneously adding production time. Biologics Modular's involvement will help reduce the construction agenda from traditional timelines ranging anywhere from 20 months to years.

One of the obstacles that Biologics Modular has had to overcome is proving the viability of modular clean room facilities. Industry-wide adoption is a major goal of the modular clean room manufacturers. Byrum says that, as a small firm, Biologics Modular is more nimble and quicker to react. As a company that is producing in low quantities at the moment, Biologics Modular is also able to implement better quality control for modular construction - which Byrum mentioned is a new system in every industry that uses it, even outside of clean room construction.

Executives at Biologics Modular noted that there are a series of other benefits that AB Biotech and future clients can expect when utilizing a modular facility. Units can be leased or financed from Biologics Modular, providing the opportunity to change the cost structure associated with construction. Furthermore, the quicker deployment adjusts the client's depreciation accounting, creating a more cost-effective scenario.

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