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Biologics Modular Cleanrooms Part of AB BioTechnologies Expansion

Local Bloomington IN Business Adds Capabilities and Biologics Modular Cleanrooms

AB Biotechnologies, Inc., experts in lyophilization and formulation recently announced a substantial expansion plan to their existing Bloomington, IN facility. AB BioTechnologies will construct and equip a new 23,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Monroe County. This includes investing $10.5 million and creating up to 33 new high-wage jobs by 2020. The company will add manufacturing services for formulating, filling, freeze-drying, and packaging injectable drugs for Clinical Trial studies.

Part of that expansion will be the inclusion of almost 1,300 ft² of modular clean room space, to be provided by Biologics Modular, LLC. Headquartered in Brownsburg, IN, Biologics Modular, LLC, designs and manufactures modular facilities to serve as self-contained biomanufacturing suites and research suites to health science service providers, educational facilities and pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Modular clean rooms are our specialty here at Biologics Modular. Designs for the layout have been gaining momentum over the last few months. Taking the intermodal platform as the base for the clean rooms, Biologics Modular will transform the units into a fully functional validated clean facility. The clean space will be built and assembled at the Biologics Modular facility prior to FAT (Factory Acceptance Test). Once the proven functional facility has been signed off, it will be prepared for shipment to AB BioTechnologies, Inc. in Bloomington, IN.

“I have known Jeff (Jeff Schwegman Ph.D., founder and chief executive officer of AB BioTechnologies) for a few years now and admire his pronounced expertise in the world of freeze drying. Working directly with him on his facility expansion will be very exciting, as will adding another Biologics Modular facility to the pharmaceutical world,” said Clark Byrum, Jr., President and CEO of Biologics Modular, Brownsburg, IN. “We are full steam ahead to help Jeff as much as we can.”

Jeff Schwegman, added “Early on in the planning phase of our expansion, we decided that we wanted state of the art facilities and equipment, and we wanted it quickly. The faster you get through the expansion phase, the sooner you’re out of cash burn mode and into manufacturing where you’re turning a profit on your investment. Biologics Modular’s modular clean rooms, as part of our new cGMP manufacturing line, fit those needs perfectly. They’re assembled, tested, and qualified at Biologics Modular then disassembled and shipped to our facility where they’re reassembled, plugged into the utilities, and you’re up and running after requalification. Plus being modular, if we ever need to move them, it’s doable without too much trouble.”

AB BioTechnologies was founded in 2008 and has expanded into an internationally-recognized drug development company in the pharmaceutical industry. With the addition of its contract manufacturing services, the company will be able to shorten the time it takes to transfer a drug from concept to the clinic.

For more information on the AB BioTechnologies announcement, click here.

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