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Modular Wall

Biologics Modular is the official partner of MRC Wall Systems. MRC was established in 1981, and is committed to providing cleanroom products and installations to the highest quality to our clients in the pharmaceutical, healthcare, aerospace, renewable energy, micro electronic and high end technology industries. We are experts in cleanroom project management and design and are widely represented around the world by partners and agent organizations. We have offices and factories in the United Kingdom, Spain , United Arab Emirates and India where the full range of MRC’s modular walls, ceilings and cleanroom accessories are manufactured.


Modular Walls Systems

GRP Modular Wall Panels

GRP Panel which is a Glass reinforced polyester that was developed and applied from cleanroom applications. MRC is the founders, perfectionists and continuous innovators for the GRP Cleanroom panel system. A Fully molded solution allows for reducing the number of joints within a cleanroom by up to 75%. Along with many material advantages.


Specifications of the GRP Panel:

  • Designed to FDA, GMP and ISO standards

  • Molded construction, Not Flat sheets

  • Fully Integrated furniture and accessories

  • Walkable Ceiling System

  • Customizable width and heights

  • Fire and chemical resistant – BS476 / EN 13501

Advantages of the GRP Panel:

  • 70% less joints than traditional systems

  • Cannot rust, corrode, crack or peel – if damaged 100% repairable

  • No insulation material required. Access anywhere for services and air return

  • Superior chemical resistance

  • Integral coving and floor rebates. No additional framework for doors or windows

  • Any color available

  • 40+ year life span

HPL Modular Wall Panels

The second paneling option developed by MRC is the HPL Panel. The MRC HPL system compromises of a 6mm thick phenolic sheet bonded to a unique custom design MRC aluminum frame and track system. Providing and more economical option with excellent engineering details, chemical, fire and impact resistant.


Specifications of the HPL Panel:

  • MRC customized frame system

  • 6mm thick phenolic sheets

  • Optional infill material. Not required for 6mm sheet option

  • Floor track and ceiling U channel for structural support


Advantages of the HPL Panel:

  • High chemical resistance and fire resistance

  • Strong 6mm sheets ensure no peeling or cracking of the laminate

  • Customized frame system allows for flexible service integration in any panel

  • Integration of the joint free GRP accessories range

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