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Biologics Modular offers the life sciences industry a new approach to cleanroom design and manufacture. Pre-engineered designs for aseptic finish fill suites and compounding pharmacies are available helping to launch your facility faster and cheaper than stick built construction.

Clean Room Features and Details

Clean room construction carried out by Biologics Modular will result in a fully validated, operational clean facility capable of aseptic fill and finish as well as compounding inject-able pharmaceuticals.

  • Truly modular, expandable Deploy Ready Suites

  • Nominal ceiling height 8', higher options are available

  • Certified flooring materials, fully sealed and coved at the floor level for ease of cleaning

  • Certified wall and ceiling material, fully sealed and coved in all corners for ease of cleaning

  • HEPA filtration covering a minimum of 15% ceiling area

  • Sealed lighting with a minimum 50 foot-candle rating

  • All flush interior surfaces for a ledge free, clean environment

  • Stainless steel finishes as needed (304 or 316L depending upon application)

  • Utility stubs for power, gases and liquids within the room as needed (per customer needs)

  • Airlocks for gowning with ISO 8 classification

  • Clean room with ISO 7 classification

  • Capable of ISO 5 classification for aseptic fill and finish

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